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A large patch update of adult online game Black Desert

Black Desert, an adult MMORPG online game produced by Korea Pearl Abyss Corp. Although there is no landing in China, but in other regions have been high popularity. To celebrate the first anniversary of the Japanese on the line, Black Desert made a large patch update, lets have a look.


First of all, the update prepared the awakening of weapons for the Berserker, you can unlock at the 56, which has not only another destruction effect, but also a new set of action moves. From the screenshot you can see that this awakening is a hand-held weapon cannon.

 black desert gold.jpg

As well as in Valencia desert, the update added new areas, including a volcano and town, which is home to refugees. There are also two underground city, Akuman Temple and Historia Ruins, which are in possession of a very powerful enemies.


In addition to the new content, there are two sets of clothing can be seen from the screenshot, one is for Berserker, another for a female soldier, and also added a cash shop Gargoyle leather furniture.


Moreover, according to the professional media, Black Desert will release a major update on June 1. The game will update a large map of the world widened from 30%, while also adding new weapons, equipment, props and new play. Black Desert will give players a different gaming experience.

cheap black desert gold.jpg


According to reports, players will be able to enter a vast desert region in the new version, it will bring a completely different experience. As the moving speed, pass through the desert is very difficult, but the player can choose to buy a new llamas. In addition, there will append a new guild mounts - elephant, it can provide a powerful driving force in the battle. Meanwhile, in the first chapter of Valencia update adds new weapons, equipment and props, such as to avoid injury or negligence of armor weapon capability.


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