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About earning gold in Black Desert Online

You are going to play this game, at the same time, you should know the importance of silver coins in Black Desert, now i will show you some tips about getting silver coins in this game.

Like any other MMORPG, the larger amount of Silver your character has, the more comfortable your life in the game will be. You can hire workers, and invest into gear upgrades, or simply buy items from other players in the marketplace, you will always find yourself needing more and more Silver coins. This guide will this introduce you to the different ways to earn silver coins in Black Desert Online.


Some previous player has his own methods to earn silver coins, but if you are beginners, you have nothing to start this game? What’s the most efficient way to earn silver coins for you? Now i will offer you some ways.

The first thing to do is you should collect coins by completing quests. Like other games, every game has its own quests to complete, so does this game. therefore you will gain a mount of silver as a return. Additionally, you will also reward Contribution EXP and other things after you make a good progress. So pay attention to accomplish your task.

The second one is grinding monster mobs. It’s obviously that Black Desert Online is a very popular game, however killing monster seems lost its importance in other MMORPG games, but it’s useful in this game. And hunting monsters will increase your silver coins.

The third way to earn silver coins is fishing. Just like the realistic world, fishing is a relaxing sports. Even you are away from keyboard, fish will not escape from your control. After gaining these fish, you can sell and then make a profit. But be aware of the best timing, because fish’s quality get worse and no one wants to buy.

The fourth way is to trade, every one knows the importance of trading, there are many benefits about trading. We can make money and buy what we want, trading also can make person and country become richer and richer. In order to trade, you’ll need to get your hands on a node. The easiest way to do this is to find the nearest city on your map, right click the node on the map, and then auto-run there.

Earning silver coins may be difficult for a novice, but if you follow my method, you will make a progress, this game is great to play.