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AMC theaters stated a grand reopening in certain states

AMC Theatres Gift Cards The most recent announcement from AMC theaters stated a grand reopening in certain states with the original 1920 price as a celebration for its 100th birthday as low as .15 cents. The announcement was met with a lot of skepticism as New York is one of the few states that are excluded from the festivities due to Governor Cuomo’s strict measures against COVID 19.

The company has even gone to the lengths of showing what the theatrical and concession purchase experience will look like should AMC Theatres customers decide they want to try and go back to the movies. As new movies are slowly coming back into theatrical exhibition we’ll start to see just how safe the movie theater experience truly is. Which in turn still has films like Wonder Woman 1984 and the newly trailer’d Dune undating their trailers in hopes that maybe 2020 will give the world a break for a chance.

“On your next theatre visit you’ll notice that we’ve taken steps to reduce touch points and protect your safety including simplified menus for shorter lines at concessions and reduced auditorium capacities for social distancing,” reads an announcement on the official AMC website.

We are unaware of what the future holds for AMC theatres and whether or not this reopening will prove to be harmful in the near future. Until then all that guests can do to ensure the safety of themselves and the people they come in contact with is to wear a mask while trying to return to some sense of normalcy at the theater.

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