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Battlestate Games won’t be adding playable female characters to Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate Games' hardcore online shooter Escape From Tarkov hasn't reached its full PC release date yet, but the developer has already announced that it doesn't plan to include any sort of female playable characters into the game. Battlestate has stated two reasons for this decision, including the claim that it would be too much work to create female PCs, though neither of its excuses has gone over well with players who had requested this feature.

The past decade in gaming has seen this problem arise in many different game development studios, excluding female player characters due to the projected workload it would add, and this isn't even Battlestate's first time running into a controversy over it. Comments from the company made in 2016, about Escape From Tarkov's vision of war being too stressful for women and only a place for "hardened men," are now also getting negative attention.

Comments from Battlestate in 2016 about war being too stressful for women and a place only for "hardened men" drew criticism recently in part because women already serve in our military. In a separate tweet following the confirmation that women won't appear as playable characters in Escape From Tarkov, the studio said the quotes "didn't reflect the official position of the company" and were delivered by "not a key [Battlestate Games] employee." The employee has since been reprimanded and "properly instructed." If you want to know where to Buy EFT Dollars, will be your best choice.

This isn't the first time that animation for female playable characters has been a talking point around a game, with Assassin's Creed Unity also receiving flak back in 2014 for cutting female playable characters from its co-op mode. While there's clearly a huge resource difference between a Ubisoft game and one coming from a small indie team, it's still eye-opening to see this reasoning being revisited in 2020.

With Escape from Tarkov still in beta, it's possible that female characters may be added by the time it hits its full release. However, fans shouldn't expect that, and nothing along those lines has been announced. Regardless of this controversy, though, it seems Escape from Tarkov is only increasing in popularity, and as long as major Twitch streamers continue to stream footage of the game, its popularity should only grow from here.

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