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Black Desert is an upcoming open world

Enemies in Black Desert aren't much of a challenge, but I also suspect this might be because most MMOs have conditioned me to tackle them one at a time. I found combat to be more satisfying when I'd run into an area, pull a dozen or so baddies, and then kite them around while unleashing hell. It evokes the same feeling of ceaseless slaughter from games like Diablo 3. Combat moves at such a rapid pace that even a quest to kill a hundred monsters can take just five minutes in a well populated area.

When it comes to choosing race and class in Black Desert Online, however, there is far less choice than expected. Classes are automatically assigned gender and race with no room for variation, so if a player wants to roll a Ranger, they're going to have to convince themselves they wanted to be a female Elf as well. It's odd that a game so dedicated to letting players do whatever they want would draw the line at something as simple as the freedom of gender and race selection, which have been staples of MMOs that few have argued against having, and it's a little disappointing too.

That's the core of Black Desert Online in a sense: interesting, fairly unique-for-the-genre combat juxtaposed with uninspiring quest design and a difficulty level that doesn't stand up to the sort of high level execution the game's combat systems actually allow. A little extra challenge wouldn't go amiss, nor would more quest design beyond slaying monsters and gathering items. I appreciate giving a list of serious problems a less than serious name, but it doesn't lessen the impact of the problems players have run into and the solutions the developers are offering, which include players deleting their characters and starting over.

Still, I've taken notes that should hopefully clarify a few hot topics within the Black Desert community. First of all, there will be the chance to pre-order the game and this should be announced within the next two weeks; the price is still being discussed. From what they've told me, there will be multiple packages to choose from, each one providing exclusive perks; guaranteed beta access could be one of these perks. MMORPG fans itching for a new title to sink their teeth into may be in luck, as distributor Daum Games has officially released the English version of the long-anticipated PC game Black Desert Online.

The character creation is more in-depth than I have seen in nearly every other MMO I have played. You can mold your character just right and even though I'm not that great and making unique creations, I have seen some unbelievable characters come from other people. This is the main reason I give this game a 8 and not a lower score. If all this game has was beauty and a fun combat system, it would get old if there was nothing else to do.

Black Desert is an upcoming open world, sandbox MMORPG from Korean developer Pearl Abyss. Black Desert features incredibly life-like graphics thanks to the developer's proprietary “Black Desert” engine, which boasts seasonal dynamic weather and day/night cycles. Once fully released, the MMO will contain 9 playable classes. Classes are currently gender-locked, but Black Desert gives players arguably the best character creation tools currently available. Players have full control over their character's slightest details, all the way down to the placement of individual strands of hair.

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