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Blizzard is bringing out the ban hammer for WoW Classic cheaters

We know that Blizzard intends to punish players who exploited a bug to cause endless dungeon respawns in World of Warcraft: Classic. But as happens whenever the company announces plans to punish someone using an exploit, players have jumped to the defense of people using the exploit, which prompted an official post outlining the reasons why the company treats different bugs and exploits differently in terms of punishments and rollbacks:

"The key factor here is intent. Did the player do something with the specific intention of causing a glitch to occur, and did they do it order to exploit said glitch for their own benefit?"

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Posting on the WoW Classic forums, Community Manager Kalvax said that the team has “recently become aware of a bug that could be explored to allow instanced encounters to be completed repeatedly.” The bug in question involved players exploiting the game’s layering system, meaning that players could skip entire dungeons and repeatedly kill the dungeon boss in order to obtain disproportionate amounts of loot. The team has now developed a fix for the issue and are currently deploying it worldwide. As of posting, the fix should be implemented in-game. Buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold via reliable game store We promise that our gold is 100% safe and we will use instant delivery. Cheap WOW Classic Gold For Sale, do not miss the chance.

Along with patching things up, WoW Classic are also punishing cheaters and leaving no room for mercy. Kalvax’s post makes an ominous reference to taking “appropriate punitive measures” which, as Reddit user u/DingoCrazy found out, consists of a minimum one-month ban and having all exploited items permanently removed.

What these “punitive measures” might be if any players are found to have taken advantage of the bug isn’t clear, but it’ll likely be welcome news to the rest of the WoW Classic community as there’s a lot of loot to be gained using this method, which could lead to an unfairly imbalanced game. As WoWhead highlights, in theory players could have farmed the goodies up for grabs from bosses like Firebrand Pyromancer, Balnazzar, and Darkmaster Gandling unfairly, and perhaps also side-stepped the five hour lockout period for dungeons, as they might not have left them at all.

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