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Diablo Immortal takes place between the adventures told in Diablo II and Diablo III

It is nearly time! The work on Diablo Immortal is progressing with giant strides and in a few weeks the first alpha testers will be able to put the devilish mobile game through its paces. In the course of the current development the Wowhead dataminers have found some news such as the armor sets for monks barbarians and demon hunters. But the gloomy armor is far from the only interesting find after all there are plenty of new weapon models in Diablo Immortal that you can check out with us.

It is a completely new story that takes place between the adventures told in Diablo II Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Blizzard ensures that Diablo Immortal will offer intense and visceral combat dungeons and scenarios that will entice players to play and replay all coupled with sophisticated item management and character growth.

All classes are well balanced and not much different from Diablo 3 so you can build on your own taste and play style. At the same time there is no full-fledged pumping system. When the hero gets a new level his skills also improve. There are three active spells and one ultimate ability so when you open new skills it is enough to test them on the nearest enemies and choose the ones you like for further use.

Speaking about what to expect from BlizzCon in February Luis Barriga Game Director Diablo 4 teased:

“Our next update will take place during BlizzConline rather than in blog form. We’ve read speculation about what it could be and want to ensure you that it is something chunky indeed. Without spoiling the surprise Let's just say it involves a new version of the campfire scene we showed you last BlizzCon.”

A few weeks ago Blizzard announced on the official Diablo Immortal website that the technical alpha phase will start shortly. That's good news! But the bad comes right after. For now only the test players from Australia are allowed to let off steam in the new mobile game from the Diablo universe. It is not known when the other fans will be allowed to properly heat up the demons. So we have no choice but to wait and hope that the Alpha (or the Beta!) From Diablo Immortal can soon be tested in Europe and America as well.

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