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eFootball PES 2021 is not a new version of PES but an update to the previous years title

Konami's formidable and beloved Pro Evolution Soccer is back for another run in the form of eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE. For the first time in the title's twenty-six year history the game isn't a new version of PES but an update to the previous year's title.

Konami is busy taking the PES franchise into the next-generation but they’ve also decided to release a game this year without all the bells and whistles a sequel might have. This is eFootball PES 2021 Season Update and it’s exactly what it sounds like: PES 2020 with just a couple touch ups so the series stays relevant in 2020.

On the field eFootball PES 2021 Update is a football fans love letter and is worth every penny. For those who are new to the series PES is known for its realistic game play with the ball having natural life-like physics and while not being glued to the player’s feet. The animations are fluid and crisp making it both look like and feel like football. The tactics and player movements are more in-depth than its competition. The player can also tweak any team’s formation structure build up play and movement to fit into their own play style. All this can also be pre-programmed to change on the fly depending on how the match is panning out.

The usual slate of roster and uniform updates are there but gone are any gimmicks meant to pose the game as a true sequel rather than a standard readjustment of an already solid base.

All features from last year's game return. Robust Become a Legend Mater League MyClub and tournament modes are there. The emphasis as the title indicates is on esports-friendly competition. That means the priority is on balance and sound infrastructure.

The most notable new face is UEFA Euro 2020 mode which lets you play out the 24-team 12-venue mini-World Cup.

EXCLUSIVE UEFA EURO 2020™ CONTENT – Ahead of the real-life tournament in 2021 the official UEFA EURO 2020™ content will be included at launch in PES 2021. Featuring the offline UEFA EURO 2020™ Tournament Mode all 55 UEFA national teams Wembley Stadium and more this is the best way to simulate the tournament before and after its summer debut.

For those who prefer playing with humans rather than AI PES 2021 has a couple of casual and competitive game modes. Just bear in mind that the core gameplay loop - which can be a little slow - will not change just because you’re online and that can be a bit of an adjustment if you’re used to FIFA’s more speedy gameplay. Hopefully the playerbase sticks around this time. PES 2020 had me turn back to AI matches due to weak connections and long matchmaking times - but so far this game’s going strong. The low price probably helps.

The biggest draw back to the PES games is the team licenses and the lack there of. While some teams and leagues are licensed the majority are not. Some of the licensed teams included are Barcelona Juventus Manchester United Bayen Munich Arsenal and some league such as the Italian Serie A & B French Ligue and more. For those not licensed changes are made to the team logos kits stadiums and even names. While some teams such as the EPL teams got around the name issue in 2020 with there being no copyright on names of cities it is not the case for most. Sadly this licensing issue is the nail in the coffin for many football fans and they do not give the PES series a look in. While there is in-depth customisation it takes a dedicated player to fix everything up for their favourite teams and leagues. Luckily PlayStation and PC players can do a quick Google on how to import saves and ‘fix’ these licensing issues.

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