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Far Cry 6,the release date has been delayed

Far Cry 6 Credits Playing through Far Cry 5 was generally a blast so long as the player largely isn't paying close attention to the story. As much as the fifth game emphasizes how refined the gameplay has become since its revamp in Far Cry 3 the story doesn't quite match some of the highs of previous titles. Arguably in a lot of ways it's the villain's designs themselves that just aren't quite nailing previous potential but more importantly one huge factor is the fact that Far Cry 5's protagonist is a silent avatar that players can create themselves. There's very little emotional stake or weight in the story when the protagonist has nothing to say which is something Far Cry 6 is rectifying with Dani.

Far Cry 6's release date has been delayed. Previously the next installment in the Far Cry series was scheduled to hit PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X Xbox Series S and PC on February 18 2021. This was announced when the game was revealed back in the summer. However it's a date the game will no longer be hitting. Today speaking with its investors during its latest earnings call Ubisoft confirmed it's pushing both Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine out of their Q1 2021 release windows. Unfortunately Ubisoft doesn't divulge a new date for either game but does note both will not release before April 1 2021.

Earlier the game was announced to be premiered on 18th February 2021 onFar Cry 6 Silver Bars PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Microsoft Windows Xbox One Xbox series X/S and stadia. But later on 29th October 2020 Ubisoft announced that the game’s release date has been delayed due to the ongoing covid pandemic. As of now the new release date of Far Cry 6 hasn’t been revealed.

Again Ubisoft doesn't share a new date for Far Cry 6 nor does it indicate when we will see the game next however the series does have a history of showing up at The Game Awards so it's possible we will see it this December. However depending on how far it's being pushed back it's also quite possible we won't hear about the game until 2021.

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