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Guidance get you integrated into the Black Desert

The idea of this guide is the collective opinion of others, including myself. Its main purpose is to educate the new players and get them into the game. This is not a troubleshooting guide on how to install or assemble guide, if you're looking to check out F.A.Q posts. In this guide I will discuss my views and links to various guides available on Reddit, which includes curriculum guides, armor sets, skill trees, money and so on. Put on your reading glasses, it will be a long-term position.

Should I play this game? The simple answer is yes, there is so much of this game, you will not run out of things to do, that's the best I played a MMO and I continue to enjoy the game in a very long time. I suggest using a set play or find a guild, now Calpheon server has the largest English speaking player base enter the world chat, you are likely to find a conference or a group of friends playing there. But the server consolidation is fast, so it does not matter.

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As for this writing, the game is currently in beta, and July 14 and a formal launch massive content patch. Valencia will be called, a lot of hope that the new regional PVE updates and changes. You can check out all the details here combined use F.A.Q to figure out how to assemble and install the game, test to see if you like it.

If you want to ask what is the best PvP class. Not the best PvP class, I recommend to play what you like, rather than a particular class is how strong someone's opinion. That being said, I think I'll share some of the strengths and weaknesses of each class, as in all I think this post, please send it as a grain of salt, this is just my opinion after all.

In group PvP siege and a very good, relatively weak in 1v1, unless you are very good in the rotation, lock your opponent, once you get caught dead (this is true of most classes, but it applies to here is the most). Well on horseback, since the ability to cast powerful skills, and riding a horse. In PvE is very good, because AOE skills and high damage. Easy to play beause class built for the treatment and skills back to blue. May be obtained in the future (which is here just a few friends make fun of) weaken

Maybe under 1V1 case one of the best, mainly because whatever you put into 2V1 1V1 thanks for your pet. Downside is 4 minutes CD. Once you lose the battle pet can be quite daunting, it can make you feel pretty useless. However, you can unlock some tips that can help you in this case, but in most cases, consider yourself. This is the best magician in the game to move next to the class, once you learn good rotation you can kill any opponent singled. I would consider this project "assassin" of the class structure of BDO. Well on horseback, because you can it a powerful AOE skills in spam. In large-scale siege is not so good.

As for Blader and Plum, I like to play this class, personally. I love asthetics and dual wielding in any MMO that is probably my favorite thing. This class has good liquidity, and some good skills, you can lock down your opponents and burst. Whether in the case of 1V1, small fights well, unfair and massive PvP. Well in PvE whether due to mobile / dash along high DMG AOE skills.

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