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Here is a list of currently active locker codes for January 2021

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time for some new codes. Redeeming NBA 2K21 Locker Codes for MyTeam is a great way to earn some free Tokens, Packs, and other in-game items. New codes release and expire very frequently, so you may want to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

Locker codes are a set of unique redeemable codes that reward players with various in-game items. Sometimes they grant cosmetics alongside player packs.

Locker Codes are text codes that you enter into the MyTeam menu that most often rewards you with a free player or pack. Locker Codes often expire after 1 week. Anyway locker codes are always a nice surprise in the NBA 2K series!

Here is a list of all the codes currently active in NBA 2K21:

    I-NEED-PD-RJ - Pink Diamond or Amethyst Richard Jefferson.
    NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTION - Diamond Ja Morant, Pink Diamond Allen Iverson, Diamond Contract or Diamond Shoe.
    MYTEAM-JAYCANADA-3RQM2 - Random pack.
    SEASON-3-PETTIT-HARDEN - Season 3 Bob Pettit, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, or Jason Richardson Pack.
    BEST-OF-2K21-DROP - Draft, Flash 3, Flash 4, Possessed, IDOLS Series I: Grant Hill Pack.
    MYTEAM-KILLZAMOI-6BKG2 - Guaranteed random pack.
    MYTEAM-POORBOYSIN-BN6XJ - Random pack.
    MYTEAM-JDCROSSOVER-VSJ27 - Random pack.
    KING-JAMES-4-RINGS - Emerald Lebron James.
    MAMBA-FOREVER - Emerald Kobe Bryant.
    CURRY-FOR-THREE - Emerald Steph Curry.
    MYTEAM-MJ-SPOTLIGHT-CHALLENGES - Emerald Michael Jordan.
    BRYANT-TO-SHAQ - Emerald Shaquille O'Neal.
    MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB - 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, or Basketball Pack.

How to Redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes?
    Launch NBA 2K21.
    From the Main Menu, go to MyTeam.
    Then go to Extras and click on Locker Codes.
    Enter any one of those codes.
    After that “Drop the Ball” will determine your rewards.

Codes that are listed above will generally give you a chance at receiving one of the reward items from the list. It's usually random chance which one you get, so hopefully you get lucky with your rolls and what you receive in them!

These are all the active NBA 2K21 Locker Codes codes for now, but we update this section multiple times per day whenever new codes are available.

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