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Horses are not just mounts in your Black Desert

Get your first horse is exciting, if only because they can make you faster than walking. But not only much faster than walking, they can be equipped with armor and used in combat, learning skills, breed, and sell to other players a tidy sum. Indeed, you can easily spend all the time to understand the horse and became a horse whisperer in the black desert. Therefore, it takes time to understand and correct equipment your horse.

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The horse is a big responsibility, because they do not magically appear or disappear. If you get off your horse and leave it unattended places while you go exploring. If a monster stumbles upon it there's a good chance it might die. Take the time to find a safe place to leave it, remains in the hands of carrots to maintain their stamina will save you from expensive bills heal your horse in the stables. By taking training your horse and teach it new skills, it can be a very valuable partner.

You have to ride your horse around to level it up. Personally, I just keep going from Olvia to the Southern Guard Camp and back again. 1 Round trip costs around 4000 stamina and gains around 26000 exp. You can also choose to use the training clothing when riding, to increase the EXP. Even though I own the item, I cannot confirm or deny the effects of this item.

As how to get the horse armor, some stable shops will sell you a basic horse armor. Most of these stores requires a certain level of friendship armor purchased. Stable ShopVelia. Other armor can be made with better statistics than the store bought armor. In the production process, you must first buy a horse armor crafts HouseHidel. Once you do, get the required materials, you want to make armor pieces, and put it in your warehouse, workers now put your craft projects. Finished item will appear in your warehouse.

As we all know, good horses are not common. There such a word in Black desert that the moving is competitive. And on the road of trade, there a variety of functions in horses such as 'extra safe deposit box'. In the vast world of black, for the player, the horse is really a necessity. Without horses, your speed is just like a turtle.

Horse - red, brown, white, gray and other colors. Different colors, stamina horse, the number of safe deposit box, and other physical ability value will be different. Therefore, you need to choose a good color at the beginning. Let me talk about my conclusion, right, red horse has the best ability value, so a lot of players just try to capture the red horse, but with minimum capacity value of brown horse with the red color is very close to the horse difficult to distinguish. Keep in mind that the red horse has deep color and smooth skin.

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