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How a shaman in WoW Classic wins with 5 percent life against a 100 percent magician

Wizards in WoW Classic should avoid shamans, even if you're confident of victory. What can go wrong, you can see here ...

"Right" PvP is currently not available in WoW Classic because the PvP system is not implemented. Nevertheless, on PvP servers there are always small skirmishes in the open world, in which players of the Horde and Alliance give each other one on the cap. In this fight, however, also shows how strange the balance between the classes and what can play a big role in luck. This then provides amusing moments, such as this meeting of a shaman with a magician.

What is to be seen? An orc shaman was out in the Devil's Forest and had won a small PvP battle against an unknown gnome. This had reduced his life to almost 75% and his mana to 25% - not a good starting point for another fight. However, an alliance wizard seizes the moment and begins to cover the shaman with frostbite. Slowed, the shaman tries to escape while his health drops to a few percent.
Since he is out of the mage's reach, he blinks after him - just in melee range. Less than 2 seconds later, the magician has lost 95% of his life and has been dealt the death blow by an approaching elemental, while the shaman remains victorious with few lives left.

What exactly happened there? At first glance, one may rub his eyes in amazement, as the shaman has managed to beat through the ice barrier of the magician and all life points in less than 2 seconds - after all, both players were at level 60 and thus almost "even".

The shaman cleaned the magician's Ice Barrier and then hit a melee hit. However, this has triggered the 20% chance of Windfury, which causes two more melee attacks with additional attack power to be executed. Followed by an Earth Shock, this causes the Shaman to cause nearly 2,000 damage, bringing the Magician to the brink of death.

A failed Gank attempt, but it impressively shows why you should never blink as a mage into the melee range of a melee class.

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