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How did the game platform Roblox develop?

On September 10th, Tencent Interactive Entertainment announced that the digital creation tool Roblox officially announced its Chinese name "Robs" and simultaneously opened the China test appointment.

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform that allows users to create digital content with its powerful editing capabilities and rich material library. Roblox and My World have similar ideas. Users can use their creativity and imagination to put their creative sparks into practice. Therefore, Roblox users are mainly teenagers.

Roblox has two virtual currencies, Robux and Tix. Robux is acquired through recharge and game creation, and Tix is acquired through daily login. Games created by developers are free games, but if a player spends Robux buying an item or pass in the game, the creator of the game will benefit.

In addition, from the beginning of 2 years ago, Roblox has sold 40 million toys based on player content, and these content creators will receive corresponding copyright revenue.

Born more than a decade ago, Roblox experienced a long period of expansion before it reached today's performance and entered the eyes of Chinese manufacturers and users. The first foreign media report on Roblox was on January 27, 2014, with the topic "Roblox is working hard to train the next generation of game developers", and Roblox is exploring the game created by the creators from the platform. Wrap them into applications and put them on the app store.

Since the end of the 15th, Roblox has been recruiting news from experienced game engineers and technical directors, and Roblox has begun their expansion.

This year, Roblox's upward momentum is getting stronger and stronger. In February, all of its users participated in more than 1 billion hours per month. The company said it can compete with YouTube and Netflix platforms for content ages under the age of 13 and ages 13-17.

In April, its MAU exceeded 90 million. In August, the Roblox platform MAU broke through 100 million, surpassed "My World" and completed the company's goal set five years ago. It is predicted that this year, the fees paid for developers will also reach 100 million US dollars.

Roblox is also compatible with VR functionality. The huge user base will enable the platform to generate numerous VR games and turn Roblox into a virtual reality social platform. In Roblox, players can create group groups, similar to the game fan base, and players can speak freely on the message board in the group group.

According to Tencent Interactive Entertainment, the Chinese version of Robles will be more suitable for Chinese users to use habits and more focused on educational functions. The release of its Chinese brand is a new step in the exploration of Tencent and Roblox in cultivating the next generation of Chinese creators.

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