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How Medial expanded its territory in Black Desert Online

Today we talk about the expansion of Media in Black Desert Online and there is a lot of interesting content to show. We know more about the story of the BOD, the stronger we can become. Players also can learn a lot from this story.

The medial map was announced in 31th, March, with this new map players can explore the new different world and gain new feeling about this game, if you want to buy cheap and safe BDO gold, you can click our store to buy.

This new zone existed game world grown by 30%, and it also invested many new nodes, new areas and towns also invested to explore for players. Medial is one of the game's five regions, directly connecting the east and the inland desert land route leading to the main eastern region. Because of this mid-continent trade and prosperity, it is located in "plug any Tia" between Serendia and Valencia, a river surrounded by vast deserts and rocky areas in which there is a new monster and NPC characters that appear, and it adds thousands of new tasks.  


Among them, the large head named Zarka, this monster is too strong that requires many players fight together to destroy. new guild tasks include drop-powered weapons, especially the leader of the war. scarlet battlefield can accommodate up to 40 people to 40 people skirmishes, players can select groups of five or alone, players should use powerful new weapons and armor suits, professional skills alchemist's stone means craftable Alchemy stones can make players be offensive and defensive with the equipment and the addition of life, and the equipment can be enchanted to more grade, playing better can improve your skills and game levels.

This story reminds me of The Second World War. Each country suffered varying degrees of damage. Many people were lost in the war, especially for children, old people and women, they were helpless and desperate, they were eager to end the war, but invaders never stopped, they robbed and killed, but one country i have to emphasize is Japan, this country benefited a lot in The Second World War, during the war, Japan became stronger because of the support from The United States, each country needed fire and arms to continue to invade and enlarge their territory. So Japan earned a large amount of money by selling fire and arms. I remembered that during the war, Japan also improved their medical methods. The reason why Japan became richer and richer in this war is the country took advantages of the war, and seized the chance that wars brought.

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