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Naraka Bladepoint focusing on parkour movement, stylish hand-to-hand combat, and ranged weapons

Naraka: Bladepoint from developer NetEase is a 6o-player melee battle royale inspired by Chinese folklore.  It is a new online multiplayer game focusing on parkour movement, stylish hand-to-hand combat, and ranged weapons. Launching on PC with full English and Chinese support and translations in eight other languages, Naraka is looking to compete with existing multiplayer Battle Royale giants such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.

As a result, standing out from the crowd is incredibly important. This is especially true for new BR titles looking to avoid falling into obscurity. Fortunately, Naraka: Bladepoint adds a unique twist to this well-established genre, cutting through the sea of popular FPS titles and carving out a new path.

Naraka's battles involve 60 players, pushed ever closer together by a mystical storm. Since there are no ammo drops to find, Naraka replaces them with item and weapon durability and the need for finding repair kits, which results in approximately the same thing. Similar to other games in the genre, matches can sometimes be stretches of aimless, lonely wandering looking for other players ended by furious melee combat, and death at the hands of a much more skilled player. When it comes time for fighting, button mashing is rarely a viable path to victory. Instead, this is a game that requires a great deal of muscle memory and practice. The easy combos learned in the tutorial will be next to useless against an experienced player, and there are many of them.

There is an alternative mode in Naraka called Bloodbath, and this mode does shake things up a bit as more of a free-for-all deathmatch scenario. The bounty system is cool, putting a price on the leaders' heads and giving players at the bottom of the scoreboard a chance to right the ship. However, once again after a few matches I start to feel boredom seep in again, the gameplay loop not holding me like it should be.

There are three game modes available. You can party up with friends or choose quick play and match up with players online. Quick match is the traditional battle royale mode and can be played either trio or solo. The Heralds trial mode is battle royale, but you can collect six Lucky Daruma in the opening lobby.

Microtransactions are an annoyingly persistent element in Naraka: Bladepoint and it is literally impossible to go to a menu screen without being hectored into visiting the Shop to buy gold. This isn’t a pay-to-win game, and all items are cosmetic, but the constant interruptions reminded me of the worst sort of free-to-play game that never ceases to ask you for something.

While Naraka’s combat may be far from perfect, there is enough depth here for those that are willing to scratch below the surface. If you’re looking for a BR with a unique twist, then Naraka: Bladepoint could be the game you’re looking for.

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