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Naraka is a fast, aggressive battle royale

A prolonged, evenly-matched fight in Naraka: Bladepoint is a thing of beauty. Picture two combatants, each equipped with grappling hooks and panache, twirling across a sun-dappled battlefield. They’re locked in a mind game of slashes, somersaults and parries, both attempting to provoke a misstep that will spell either instant death or the beginning of a chase. Now picture the latter, as they bound across rooftops or treetops, the hunted party ducking and diving, desperate to steal enough time and space to pop a healing potion. This is proper Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Stuff. I like it a lot.

A few games later, however, the true nature of 60-player martial arts battle royale showed itself. One moment you're Donnie Yen, and the next you're scrambling to find the 'pick up' prompt for the longsword that just flew out of your hands in a whirl of particle effects. It's too late, though. As Fist of the North Star badass Kenshiro would say: "You are already dead."

Naraka Bladepoint's UI is already a cluttered mess of things you don't and shouldn't worry yourself about until you've put several hours into the game, but once you've put in the time to try and understand, you realize just how much of the information boils down to "here are ways to spend coins, and you'll need a lot of them." The good news is that this doesn't apply to anything that would make winning matches any easier, as you get XP no matter what, and leveling up to unlock each character's alternate moves is fairly quick. The bad news is having to wade through all the other noise to do so.

But no matter if you're swinging across the heavens or locking horns with an enemy, Naraka: Bladepoint can fall apart at the seams if the servers are acting up. Now, while that's true of almost any online multiplayer romp, it's especially noticeable here when so much of Naraka: Bladepoint relies on pixel-perfect precision. Frustration sets in fast when a parry maneuver goes unnoticed due to lag, but thankfully connection woes have been a pretty infrequent since its admittedly rocky release day. Hopefully that stability will remain from here on out.

There's also a great, modern-feeling outcome of Naraka's genre inspiration: the absence of fall damage. What a relief it is to be able to move freely, double jumping, grappling between buildings (and other players) with a hookshot, and climbing trees and towers (you've got all the Assassin's Creed parkour skills).

Fortunately, the rest of the spectacle is less questionable. Naraka is gorgeous, even using the lower to middling graphics settings you might want on to maximise those precious frames per second. Most areas are bright and colourful, and because everyone has a grappling hook and can run up walls the landscape can be packed with otherwise impassible cliffs and densely-packed towns. It’s a joy just to move around, double jumping, sliding and wall-running to your heart’s content. There’s a skill curve to the movement, too, as you learn how to avoid awkwardly handing off ledges and internalise the exact range of your grappling hook.

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