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Particular Class Description of Plum in Black Desert

Female warrior figure is the most detailed of all female roles now, but also has a unique long ponytail hairstyle. Although there may be a subtle name for Plum, their agile style of combat is anything but subtle. No matter what kind of movement she acts, Plum master gentle oriental swordsmanship and archery.

These female warrior out of combat fighting special weave their symbiotic style, like cherry blossoms moving and constantly adjust the ebb and flow of battle, ready to release their fury from up close with their Katana. At close range, she can use her gorgeous sword looks like petals in the breeze blowing kill enemies. In remote range, she captures with her agility and accuracy archery enemies.

black desert silver.png

Plums apply a very interesting black desert combating style in Black Desert, from close combat deadly, but still able to release the pain from a distance of a beautiful hybrid mix of melee and ranged in. While not exactly built to take the hit, their mobility more punch on the battlefield and then let them make up around it. 

Advantages: Strong in PvE, Lots of Crowd Control, Strong in small scale PvP, Very Agile, Fast paced combat, Melee and Ranged attacks. Disadvantages: Low Defense, Weaker in large scale PvP, Combat can get repetitive.

As the differences between the Plum and Blader, there are a few skill differences. Blader has two skills “Gale” and “Rising Storm”, while Plum has the skills “Behead” and “Red Moon”. In addition to this, each of them has the same skills. However, the way this great game between two changes. Blader more areas of excellence and mobility, but more single target plum, agility classes.

The Plum’s agile movements and stature create a spectacular tapestry of intricate dodges, feints and charges, which truly makes it an enjoyable class to play. One of the benefits available to the class comes in the form of being able to lock down single opponents long enough to usually kill them, making them excellent for solo PvP and PvE. The Blader probably is the most anticipated class in the Western version of the game.

All in all, the Plum class is a female samurai with a male counterpart Blader. There are a couple of differences skills class, which completely changed the style of play. They wear light armor, with a samurai sword as their secondary weapon with horn bow as main weapon.

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