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Players can already get a taste of the Burning Crusade with pre-patch content

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is set to release June 1 but players can already get a taste of the Burning Crusade with today's pre-patch content which includes two new playable races item rebalancing major class changes and more. Think of it like an appetizer before the main course.

With the start of the pre-patch phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic a special quest has landed in the Blasted Lands ... well ... with which you can secure a cool tabard. The trick: From the official launch on June 1nd 2021 this order will disappear again. So you don't have too long to get the pretty piece.

What do you have to do? Travel to the Blasted Lands with a level 55 character accept the quest from Agent Stolzbrunn and then knock down six invading Devil Guards. Since NPC soldiers fight the demons everywhere in the area the quest is very easy to master.
What is the reward? Well gold (6 gold and 63 silver at level 60) and the protector's tabard. This has a benefit effect that you can use to start a nice victory animation. The cooldown of the effect is 5 minutes.

Deluxe Edition: This product includes the Dark Portal Pass 30 days of gameplay the Awakening Phase Hunter mount for the Burning Crusade Classic World of Warcraft: The Great Green Phase Hunter mount for Shadowlands players Dark Portal Hearthstone and Illidan’s Treads- Toys This includes.

It's also the day players must make a big decision across each of their individual characters: to progress that character to the Burning Crusade and all the shiny "new" content that includes or to keep their character in what Blizzard is now calling the "Classic Era" i.e. the version of WoW Classic players have been playing up until now. When logging in for the first time post pre-patch players will be prompted to make a decision on whether to keep their character on their existing server which will automatically be converted to the Burning Crusade or to transfer their character free of charge to a WoW Classic-only server. Players can't login with their character until a decision on which version of the game to play is made.

In 2007 after the launch of The Burning Crusade it was no longer possible to master this assignment. We therefore assume that the order will only be feasible this time again during the pre-patch phase. If you want the tabard you should go to the Blasted Lands as soon as possible.

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