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Rapper Lil Nas X will be in concert in the Roblox game

Roblox Gacha Online Money Roblox a global online platform bringing millions of people together through play announced a partnership with Columbia Records and record-breaking artist Lil Nas X to launch the first-ever exclusive virtual concert on the Roblox platform. Lil Nas X will perform his upcoming new single “HOLIDAY” live for the first time along with some of his most popular hits in this innovative and fully immersive concert experience for Roblox users worldwide to enjoy. Roblox will open the first of three free concert showings at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday Nov. 14.

The rapper will sing his hits but also his new single “Holiday”. A title whose clip was teased earlier this week and in which we can see the actor Michael J. Fox.

As we know Roblox is built around a multitude  Buy Roblox Gacha Online Moneyof virtual worlds and mini-games (designed by the players themselves). The singer will therefore be able to perform on several different stages in several worlds and his performance will be associated with various mini-games allowing to win special tokens while goodies inspired by the concert will also be on sale.

Similar to the Fornite concerts users will be able to get hold of a series of objects and avatars based on Lil Nas X including two free items: Old Town and Cowboy Hat. This is the first time that Roblox has organized an event of these characteristics. The artist for his part will appear digitally rendered with motion capture.

New Roblox users will need to create an account to access the concert venue. The venue features mini-games and other activities that users can explore between now and the first preshow event on Friday. There will also be a virtual store offering an exclusive merch capsule with a variety of accessories emotes and fashion-forward Lil Nas X avatar bundles that emulate the thematic style of each song performed during the concert experience. Existing Roblox users can enter the concert venue today. is the best place for purchasing Roblox Gacha Online Money special price 100% safe no hack no cheats will happen real sellers real stocks! Shop now!

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