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Some useful tips for beginners

About this game named Black desert, many beginners may be unfamiliar with it, because there are many differences from other MMO games. Now I will give my advice of how to start playing this game.


First of all, i want to tell you that in this game, every character shares the same maximum values for Contribution Points. They also share the same map and quest history, That means you can switch your character according to your favor. Its no doubt that game provides convenience for beginners. So they dont worry about establishing items for each character.


Secondly, it is so intimate that you can do other things while game automatic plays for you, however you should improve your skills of riding horses and setting your workers to do the task, then you can go out to deal with your personal affairs.


The third one is increasing your experience points by killing your enemies. It can also let you know more about your enemies. Every one knows that knowledge is power. The more you know about the world and the diverse kind of your enemies, the stronger you can become. One point I should emphasize is you have no chance to see the monsters health deplete when you first attacking your enemy. However, later the more you killed the monsters, the deeper you can get from your enemies. Of course, your level will be higher and the more professional you will become.



The fourth one is finishing your task. At first, your inventory size is obviously small, but you can buy space from game store, there has many tasks you can do, if you finished these task, your inventory size will larger,trust me.


The fifth one is about the items. You dont need to worry about that you have no items. Because this game is humanized and kind, even if your level is 1, you have corresponding weapon. Then next depends on yourself. You can equip it and improve your skills, and use its power to kill your enemies.


The last one is your concern about the ways to earn black desert coins in the game. At first, you can join a guild, every one should pay attention to the importance of team work. This requires every member of the team have the same belief and defend our enemies together. After joining the guilt, you should sign a contract. When you signed the contract, you will be paid by your guilt for being a member of them. Moreover, this pay is very easy to get for doing very little. So try your best to find a good guilt.


The last but not least, if you get familiar to the world map and your enemies, and improve your skills daily, you will get a lot of pride from this game.


Hope the above advice will be helpful to you.

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