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Temtem's short term roadmap stretches until Fall 2020

Since launching into early access last month, Temtem has quickly become a massive hit for developer Crema. Obviously, with the game still in active development, most everything is still up in the air as the team moves forward. That does not mean Crema doesn’t have a rough idea of where they’re going. Far from it, actually. Today, the team provided fans with a look at their short-term plans for the monster-catching MMO.

Again, nothing they shared in their update is 100% confirmed; however, it is nice to see some of the team’s plans laid out in detail. The short-term road map takes us through fall 2020 and it looks like the team is hoping to make three sizeable updates by then. First up is the spring update, which looks to be focused on interacting with others.

They plan to add the first version of both Ranked Matchmaking and Spectator Modes. Of course, with new Temtem being added the roster over the course of development, you can’t expect the mode to be perfectly balanced out of the gate. Ranked battle will auto-scale your Temtem though, so, while the balance isn’t going to be perfect, it will definitely be playable. Additionally, in-game chat should come in the spring along with club (think clans) management. In addition, Cheap Temtem Pansun is on hot sale at our website

Auto-scaling is coming to the ranked matchmaking queue, which will “essentially perfect” your team upon entering a battle. Other modes like tournaments and dojo club wars will not be affected. Spectating for competitive matches is finally coming to Temtem too, though Crema says this barebones version of feature will be iterated on in the future.

Those are the major details outlined in the short-term roadmap. There will be a mid-term roadmap released tomorrow with more Temtem details, so check back with us for that.

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