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The Guide of Tamer Pet in Black Desert Online

As we all know, the tamer is a fast-paced melee fighter light armor and a lot of AOE (aka sphere of influence "area covered by the attack, and not only affect an opponent) skills. She can summon her companions at level 20. In short, tamer classes are fairly easy to play. So, what about tamer pet?

Tamer pet - its so-called "core" like the mechanic, but my pet died within 10 seconds of each battle, because it is not a 1V1 game (Although rangers and witches can kill it even several hits 1V1). Pets do not even work half the time - you have to use the Q key sequence literally (per average) for it to work, if a player or mob mid-casting skills, this is not it does not work 'T work, if the pet get CCED (which is most of the time +), Q pet will take time to damage it or even death.

It does almost no harm to the equipment +15, +15 I have a very long time, sometimes I just get bored by the enemy trainer spam and Q ranging from zero CC because I'm just walking in the Q value, See how they do - Pets really like my HP 10% of the (best), what it is. I'm almost afraid to imagine how shit pet will be VS +17 equipment, because it had dog feces, I play w / o my pets when I PVP + half because it just died. This is the other CC (roar) does not work half the time, only somewhat reliable skills tide (pet version), but considering the crazy dog feces matter how tame, that skill is permanent CD, because you rely on it every single thing in the game, because it can rely on you fai. But even surging tide fails you when there is synchronized.

Next, let's talk about are not synchronized, you think giants have it bad? 3 Grasp you can miss one or even two of them - in fact, even the giants did not say bad destruction, I met most of the players I've played on it as CC BOT and not complain when the damage class, it is not limiting. It does not affect the synchronization of all the most tame of scrimmage, because you do not do for the people will not come down against any damage.

You can grab a tame sync get screwed over, KD sync, sync disposal by random ass and what not - and valkyre celestial spear range and AOE and 100%, to achieve this by not synchronized almost no effect (or RNG resistance from trainer also suffered the most because if people stacked up - you can not do harm). To be honest, I do not sync more or less tolerate all the bad aspects of the tamer, but it's here (and it looks like it's here to stay), it's just too much - for a sync VS ranger, you're gone, I'm with the stack of tax evasion and 212 DP and for the Rangers to kill me in a knockout, regardless of their intended use + gear only worse.

I can almost imagine the future tame PVP scene - to Ranger, to escape his stuff perfect / blocked his CC / Use your CC - he resisted, or is not synchronized, then 2shots you because you lock animations and exposed station in place. Synchronization is not too much to tame and it only happens once, make sure that other melee disadvantage, but it's not as bad as it is a trainer, when it comes to out of sync, because they have other tools or mechanisms to cover them if they need it, the only thing covering tamer is its slow or dead pet CCED 95% of the time than any other 1v1. is one of professional Black Desert Gold and Black Desert Silver suppliers, which provides the cheapest black desert gold and best service. Our website has a rich experience, so that there have been countless repeat customers. If you have any problems, please contact to us, and we will answer your questions in the first time.

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