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The Moonshiner role is coming to Red Dead Online on December 13

Beginning December 13, Red Dead Online players will be able to start their own bootlegging business. Becoming a Moonshiner is the latest addition to the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode's Frontier Pursuits: specialized roles that offer unique pathways to grow your character.

An expansion on the existing Trader specialization path, becoming a Moonshiner lets players build a bootlegging liquor business to eventually foster property acquisition—making moonshining an option for players looking to trade the nomadic cowboy life for something a little more settled.

For this new Specialist Role, players are given the chance to establish their very own bootlegging business. This new role is an excellent fit for progressing their way down the Trader path. However, it's still a good option for those who are looking for a property to call their own. In addition, the new role lets players unlock unique role-specific skills as they perfect their distillation methods, avoid the law, and more importantly, put rival peddlers out of business. For those lucky enough, they may even survive long enough to open their own speakeasy. And if you want to Buy Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bars, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Players who’ve reached Rank 5 or any active Traders who’ve completed a sell mission will be able to meet Maggie Fike, an “experienced bootlegger” at Emerald Ranch to kick off the story. To get started, interested players need to buy a “Moonshining Shack” that’s essentially a homestead front, with a basement for storing moonshine. If you’re good enough, you’ll be able to set up a bar with your own home brew.

The new Moonshiner role coming to Red Dead Online joins other Frontier Pursuits introduced to the game in September, which allows players to become a Trader, Collector, Bounty Hunter... or all three. Frontier Pursuits give players to access to role-specific missions, skills and items. Beyond the Moonshining Shack, specifics aren't yet available for the latest addition to the online multiplayer mode.

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