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The new seasonal content for the Season of the Undying has hit Destiny 2

The last of the known new seasonal content for the Season of the Undying has hit Destiny 2, making a fairly minor change to the Vex Offensive activity that's been running for several weeks. Now when you fight through Vex Offensive, you take on new, tougher boss fight at the end of your ventures into the Black Garden. By the way, is the professional Destiny 2 Silver store. We promise that our silver  is 100% safe and cheapest.

From there, it's off to the Vex Offensive playlist to hunt more Vex. The Undying Mind is the new Hydra boss of the activity, but apart from the typical rotating Hydra shield, it uses the exact same mechanics as the old Minotaur boss. Once you kill the Undying Mind, your Ghost will say something along the lines of 'one down, a whole bunch to go' - again referring to the sheer number of Undying Minds left in Vex instances.

As it stands, Final Assault is lackluster and doesn't feel any different from vanilla Vex Offensive. It's possible players will uncover new loot or secrets hidden in the update, but it feels pretty lukewarm. That said, the prospect of killing a whole bunch of Undying Minds to complete Ikora's plan is promising. Bungie's asked Destiny players to hunt down enemies in the past, like with the Dreaming City storyline or the Mars community event, and it's looking more and more like Vex Offensive will tie into - or outright catalyze - the next season of Destiny 2.


This final phase of Vex Offensive does make one big change to the situation, though. It allows you to finally complete the Undying seal on your Triumphs menu. Seals are the biggest bragging rights in Destiny 2, requiring you to gather all the season's weapons and items, plus knock out a number of grindy Triumphs. Up to now, there was one Triumph that couldn't be completed, however, because it required you to kill the Undying Mind three times. Now that the Final Assault has begun, it's possible to complete the seal. That's a good thing if you're a Destiny completionist, because the seal is only available in the Season of the Undying, and that comes to a close in about three weeks. If you want to know where to buy Destiny 2 Silver PC, will be your best choice.

There might be more to Vex Offensive than we've seen so far--Bungie's new approach sees the rollout of new content over time, and just because there's nothing left on the content calendar for the season doesn't mean there won't be secrets. But for the time being, Vex Offensive: Final Assault is a pretty thin addition. It'll keep you busy if you're the kind of person who wants to finish a seal and get some recognition from other players, but if you were burned out on Vex Offensive before, a new boss fight probably won't change much.

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