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The World’s Map of Black Desert

Black desert with rich game content, delicate backstory system, obtain knowledge, production of fishing, building houses and explore the unknown regions of adventure, and large-scale PVP siege warfare.

As a building made of ancient civilization of the power source, Black Stone was buried in the Black Desert, which is the name of the game. The world’s map in the game, divided into large commercial capital of the country Karu Feo monarch dictatorship Valencia and Black Desert three regions. Karu Feo and Valencia have fought for Black Desert and conducted constant struggle for long time.

black desert silver.jpg

Black Desert has an expansive world, which includes features such as cities, weather, farm, bandits, so a series of impressive. The world’s map is your main tool to looking for all of these things. The map can zoom in and out, changing the viewing angle, looking for friends and avoiding enemies. In addition, you purchase, home workers the task of checking the auction house, found task through the world’s map.

With regard to the world map information. The first one is rogue icon, icon mark location rogue bandits, who will attack you, you move the package deal, because when you bring your personal package deal you can not resist to be careful. Regions and cities, when you view the world map, you can mouse over the regions and cities. Click on a city will take you into a deeper view allows you to see more clearly the NPC available. Transportation, You will not only be able to see your character's position, but the position of trucks and boats in the movement of goods around the world.

Knowledge Information, Areas and NPC you have not found the icon will fade, and you should go to that place to speak of the preparation and / or explore the area, you will find new information. The weather, rainwater is displayed in real time on the map. Region Ownership, each region has to show the current rulers, their taxes, their guild logo icon on the map. Fish, fish markers note areas where you can find specific fish.

As the features of world map, directions, when you set a destination on the route on the map recommend highlighted, you can even automatically route the T key destinations. Node Management, click a node to invest in it, connecting node if the node is not linked, you will see. Investment Withdrawal, if you've already invested in a node, you can click the node, choose to recover your investment to restore your contribution. Material transport, click on a city will let you see the bank, From this menu, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage or delivered to your property transported to the new location.

Property Management, once you can choose to buy a property after property and set it to a new destination, for example you can put workers' housing, and re-purpose, additional bank slots. Workers management, from the world map you can send your employees, a node preform simple tasks, such as sending their harvested material.

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