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Useful trade system in Black Desert

As for the trade system in black desert online, players who have the qualifications to beta test have a good comprehension about black desert online, i will give my own understand about this game in the following.

There are many systems that used to gain Black Desert Online gold in the game, such as killing your enemies to gain more experience point, finishing your tasks to enlarge your inventory size, what i want to introduce to you is the best way to gain more gold in BDO. Trade is the chief form in economy system and is also the main way to gain BDO gold. There are three form about the trade system: the general trade, the royal trade and the royal supply. Let me introduce these three systems for you in the following.

General trade refers to buy the trade items from every village administrator in lowest price, and later sold to other village in highest price, so there appears the intermediate price,so the players make money by low buying, but high selling, of course, this requires the trade points, opening trade points needs to pay amount of contribution , the contribution can be gained by doing quests online. The merchandise of general trade is limited by its weight and quantity, so each player can not buy too much. The merchandise are likely to be sold out, buy it will give priority placed on the horse, rather than placing in the characters parcel. This system requires players to run as more as you can, the more you run, the more gold you can gain.

Royal Trade is the official website of a business activity, the NPC gives the limit power to top ten buyers to purchase, if you get the permission, you will buy the trade items in the unit price of 50,000 gold. Trade items royal selling price is 200%, its form just like the general trade,that requires transporting the items from royal trade official to a designated location. But if it occurred at the wrong time, NPC will not appear.

Royal supply is the quickest and useful system for players, because royal delivery is not required, anyone is able to participate in this system. And royal initialized supply of inventory only once a day , the number of royal supply daily limit is 500. You would like to use the carriage, a carriage can hold 50 or so every time. It is a good news for players who don’t want to improve level, because the royal supply system can help them gain a large amount of experience. So their levels are also improved.

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