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Watch Dogs Legion comes out 9th March, Ubisoft has announced

Watch Dogs: Legion's long awaited (and much delayed) online multiplayer mode comes out 9th March Ubisoft has announced.

In multiplayer you'll be able to wreak havoc on the streets of London with up to three friends in co-op free-roam completing co-op missions side activities and challenges together. There's also a Tactical Op which is comprised of five interconnected narrative missions which Ubisoft describes as "endgame content." To complete the op you'll need to make sure your team has upgraded its gadgets and has a strong lineup of recruits. Finally there's the Spiderbot Arena PvP mode where up to four players can battle their armed spiderbots against each other in a deathmatch.

Ubisoft says that the Tactical Ops challenges are another level of gameplay challenge that require true co-ordinated teamwork through five stages to reach the goals set. The video above outlines one such mission where the hacker team of four splits up to take down Albion systems at two separate locations simultaneously.

As a result players can go into a mission as a big brute focused on force to a little old granny that’s skilled with various gadgetry. The choice is yours but do know that these characters can bite the dust. As a result if a character is killed off during battle they are no longer accessible meaning you may have to go out and find a replacement. However that feature doesn’t need to be implemented in your campaign if you wish to keep those agents in your arsenal.

The Tactical Ops mode features lengthy multi-mission based challenges that require a combination of communication and teamwork to pull off. Looking back at the video it's safe to say we used neither of those things...

The final mode we demo in the video is Spiderbot Arena. This is probably the least imaginative of all the modes available playing like your standard PvP deathmatch. It was a fun throwback to multiplayer of old but compared to the incompetence-induced hilarity of the co-operative missions it was certainly the least memorable mode we played.

Currently this online game mode component for Watch Dogs: Legion is set to launch on March 9 2021 across the various platforms. With that said if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Watch Dogs: Legion then you can do so right now for the PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 platforms.

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