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WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1 release date may be delayed until late summer

The wait is finally over. In about two weeks we can look forward to the new big content patch 9.1 for WoW Shadowlands – at least on the official test server (Public Test Realm). Blizzard’s community manager Bornakk announced this in the official WoW forum:

“Now that we’ve put patch 9.0.5 behind us we want to take a moment to let you know about the latest info on patch 9.1 for Shadowlands. In about two weeks we will be able to provide Chains of Domination for you on our test server (PTR). All raid testing info will follow about a week after the PTR is online."

As Icy-veins rightly noted streamer Towelliee announces in a video that WoW patch 9.1 could be delayed until August 2021. According to him when he asked a contact at Blizzard if things were going well for the PTR 9.1 it only garnered a shrug.

That comes with patch 9.1
Before we go into detail here is an overview of all new content and features that will come to the Shadowlands with Patch 9.1:

New story campaign: The pacts strike back
New area in the throat: Korthia
New raid: Sanctum of Dominion
Mythical mega-dungeon: Tazavesh the veiled market
Flying in the Shadowlands
New wing and adjustments for Torghast
Beginning of Season 2 for Mythic + and PvP
New levels of fame
New cosmetic pact armor
New skills for the soul bond
New mounts and pets

Speaking of new systems WoW Classic is getting one for The Burning Crusade Classic in the form of the new Chronoboon Displacer. If you’re running around to gather your world buffs and want to be sure they’re up for raid time but don’t want to stop playing as soon as you’ve collected them that’s what the Displacer is for; it allows you to store your world buffs when used only to release them again at an appropriate time so you can save their durations for later. Hashtag some changes indeed.

What the 9.1 update has to offer
The update 9.1 "Chains of Doom" from World of Warcraft (buy now 14.99 €) has a lot to offer. Especially in terms of storytelling you can expect a lot because the story around the fate of Anduin will play a major role. Sylvanas Windläufer and the jailer also appear. There is no saving on new content either: Among other things you can look forward to the raid instance "The Sanctum of Rulership" in which the fight against Sylvanas himself will take place in the end. But also a mega-Dunegon changes to the pacts and another PvP season are on the program.

While trying to find out if June was an option for a Chains of Domination release he was told that you have to be optimistic enough to hope to see the first major update of Shadowlands release in June.

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